I guess I just want a clean slate

single channel video installation


I guess I just want a clean slate is a video installation of love lost, archived, collected, and performed. In a fabricated honeymoon suite, viewers are forced to get into bed with one another to watch a video as the audio is only offered through headphones secured to the headboard. The video is a partially coherent narrative performed by two actors, with dialogue crowdsourced from real emails and texts of failed romantic relationships. Many of the source messages were never answered by their recipient. By weaving the messages together into a dialogue, the highly emotional texts are finally given the response they never received. I guess I just want a clean slate utilizes the aesthetics of kitsch, soap operas, and reality TV to explore the relationship between performances of love and heartbreak and the digital baggage of relationships of that we carry around, archived intentionally or not, in our devices. 

Acting by Cynthia Lucero and Ciena Rae, sound by Jen Agosta, camera assistance and wardrobe by Tara Dilloughery, and color by Francisco Ortiz.