Christina Yglesias is an artist and curator working in video, web, and installation. She is working to implement and theorize a networked social practice, in which social interactions filtered through technology make up the material for her work. Her most recent project, u still up? is a multichannel video installation that explores intimacy and disconnection through exchanges with Craigslist strangers. Anonymous texting pen pals were solicited to collaboratively create conversations that become scripts for the resulting videos, which were performed by actors also hired on Craigslist. She is currently creating a project from crowdsourced digital ephemera of failed romantic relationships. The work will explore how the idea of a 'clean break' can function in a networked culture in which personal interactions are intentionally and unintentionally archived. She received her BFA in 2014 from Mills College and is currently a candidate to receive her MFA from University of California Los Angeles Design Media Arts department in 2018. She has taught video and new media workshops to adults and youth at community arts organizations and non-profits and is a teaching assistant and graduate student researcher at UCLA.