The Looks of Love

Documentation excerpt of seven channel video installation

2012 - 2014

This multi-channel video installation appropriates archetypal romance movies that span nearly one hundred years of American cinematic history. Whether a smoldering stare, a double take, or the locking of eyes across the room, eye contact between lovers is a pertinent trope of the genre. Each film is represented only by these moments and everything in between is reduced to black screen while maintaining the original timings of the full feature lengths. Freed from the distraction of other narrative elements, this reductive process allows the viewer a more critical viewing of these familiar media images that have likely played a role in forming their ideas about love and romance. As the installation runs, the interactions between the projections randomize due to the differences in the movies' looped lengths, rendering each viewing unique. 

Documentation video shot and edited by Michael Mersereau. Photographs by Phil Bond.